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About our Products

We proudly use Eminence Organics in all of our facial treatments. These products are free of parabens, sulfates, animal by-products and other harsh cosmetic chemicals. For every product purchased, Eminence Organics will plant a tree. Ask us about our amazing skin care and how you can maintain your fresh glow at home!

Signature Illuminating Peptide Facial (50min)  $175

Our signature facial aims to provide healthier and younger-looking skin, using a 3-step system  to target aging and hyperpigmentation in all skin types including sensitive, rosacea, and acne prone skin. Using our Eminence Organic plant-based Peel & Peptide System, the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of the ingredients leave the skin smooth and radiant, so you walk out of the treatment room glowing!

Classic facial (50 min) $105

Our most popular facial! Recommended for first-time clients/first-time facials, our trained and licensed esthetician applies a relaxing cleansing treatment that exfoliates, tones, and hydrates the skin. This is followed by an anti-aging facial massage and mask treatment. Light extractions included.

Classic Vagacial (30 min) $65

Our service for your intimate lady parts that includes steam, a deep cleanse and exfoliation. This is followed by light extractions to remove ingrown hairs. It finishes off with a calming or brightening mask treatment.

Premium Vagacial (45 min) $95

Our premium service for your intimate lady parts that includes everything that a classic vagacial offers but with the addition of high frequency treatment and a hydrojelly mask!

Age Corrective Specialty Facial (50 min) $150

Perfect for mature skin, this treatment consists of a blend of Natural Retinol Alternative and bamboo, containing strengthening properties that increase collagen and cell regeneration, which promotes elasticity and leaves the skin looking glowing and healthy. This facial pays special attention to the eye area to help smooth wrinkles and fine lines. *Includes anti-aging facial massage.

Advanced Acne Peel (50 min) $165

Recommended for oily/problematic skin, this facial helps to draw out impurities and congestion from the pores with a primary focus on extractions, followed by a deep acne peel, which assists in preventing future breakouts and inflammation. This treatment is finished with high frequency.

Ultra Hydration Facial (50 min) $150

For parched, dehydrated skin, this facial includes exfoliation followed by humectant-rich layers of facial oils, serums, and moisturizers to revitalize the skin and infuse extreme hydration and moisture into the skin again, leaving the face soft, supple, and rejuvenated.

Hydrofacial (30 min) $195

Hydradermabrasion (also known as Hydrafacial) is a non-invasive skin treatment that uses patented technology to cleanse, extract, as well as hydrate skin. The result is younger-looking, glowing, healthier skin. The treatment has virtually no downtime and can improve skin glow, hydration, and radiance in just 30 minutes, and can be performed on almost any skin type safely.

Hydradermie Micro-Currant Specialty Facial      

(50 min) $150

Another perfect cocktail for mature skin, the Hydradermie machine is unique to Guinot. Using a muscle-stimulating treatment that  tones and lifts the skin with electric currents, skin appears younger and firmer while oxygenation promotes a radiant appearance. Regular treatments offer results such as hydration of dry skin, reduction of sebum levels in oily skin, and reduction of wrinkles and fine lines.

Microneedling Facial (60 min) $225

This procedure is used to treat and improve conditions like acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, loose skin, skin texture, pore size, brown spots, stretch marks, and pigment issues. Using medical-grade needles, skin is resurfaced and infused with hyaluronic acid to increase production of collagen and elastin.

Custom Deluxe Facial (80 min) $245

Go with the flow to find your glow! This facial begins with a skin analysis and your esthetician will then develop a customized treatment. This is perfect for those who have multiple skin concerns, or would like an in-depth treatment to build a specialized skin care plan.

Dermaplaning: (30 min) $70

A light exfoliating treatment that gently scrapes the surface layer of the skin with a surgical scalpel to remove dead skin and peach puzz. Treatment is pain-free, safe for most people, and leaves skin feeling remarkably soft and smooth. This can be added to any facial or booked as a stand-alone service.

Amarte Korean Facial with SilkTox (80 min) $245

This luxurious facial uses Medical, Grade-A Korean skincare by Amarte to give the skin a beautiful glow, combining Korean ritual, philosophy and technology with Western dermatology expertise. This facial includes the Silktox mask treatment for an immediate lifting and tightening effect.

Ask about our facial packages...

Purchase a series of 5 facials for the price of 4!

Add-ons ($20 each)


Targeted Extractions: Extra extraction time for very congested pores.

Lip Treatment: A complete lip exfoliation using a luxurious lip scrub to remove dead and dry skin, followed by stimulating oils for deep hydration. Treatment is completed with a petroleum-free, plumping lip balm.

Anti-Aging Eye Treatment: An application of soothing Neroli oil with Natural Retinol Alternatives to firm eye area and smooth crow's feet. Treatment is sealed with an ultra-hydrating cream to brighten and nourish the delicate eye area.

High Frequency: Helps tighten and shrink pores, leaving a germicidal layer on the skin to promote healing and cell regeneration.

Microderm Polish: Polish your skin to perfection with this natural microdermabrasion action of poppy seeds and fine walnut. Pear and apple infuse your skin with bioflavanoids and antioxidants. All signs of roughness, dryness, and congestion will be smoothed away to leave soft and glowing complexion.

Eye Lifting Treatment: This treatment uses micro-currents to drain and remove toxins while lifting and tightening the eye area. This followed by a de-puffing treatment and collagen-infused eye masque.

Stone Crop Healing Hand Scrub: Revitalize your hands with this exfoliating treatment which combines the hydrating qualities of sugar & the invigorating benefits of salt to reveal smoother, softer, and brighter skin.

Wildflower Scalp Treatment & Massage: Designed to hydrate the scalp and root, while increasing circulation & relaxation. Warm oil is massaged throughout the scalp, working to relax tension and decrease stress.

Anti-Aging Facial Massage: Facial manipulation includes a series of movements to promote lymphatic drainage, circulation and muscle stimulation. Face appears more lifted and toned.

Liquid Peel: This active exfoliating peel treatment revitalizes the skin and restores a youthful glow. This treatment better assists with extractions and allows following treatments to penetrate into the skin more effectively.

Neck, Chest, and Decollete Peel: A unique treatment for an often neglected area that provides a targeted approach to the visible signs of aging. This includes deep exfoliation, liquid peel and targeted mask treatment to brighten and hydrate the area.

LED Light Therapy: Good for acne, anti-aging, and combo skin, this painless, non-invasive LED light therapy uses different wavelengths of light stimulating the skin's natural repair and rejuvenation processes. Treats specific skin concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, and rosacea.

24K Gold Mask: A luxurious anti-aging, peel-off treatment that will keep your complexion youthful and radiant. This mask helps to treat wrinkles and fine lines by stimulating collagen production, helps reduce age spots and sun damage, and it is also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory which can help clear up acne and skin infections.

Gua Sha or Cryo globe therapy: Gua sha stone massage stimulates blood flow and circulation, increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Cryo globes have a similar affect, but also eliminate puffiness, especially around the eyes. Try this after a long day of excessive screen time!

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